Words from Press


Hartl Grill / Rock It! Magazine Germany

The Saeko, the great voice from the east, returns with her new record. Ten strong songs with great melodies and vibes, played by giants of our beloved metal scene, will bring Saeko on another level of success. This record is a must have!

Fabian Zeitlinger / Metal

After 15 years, Japan's Metal Queen No. 1 is back with her best, most personal and multi-layered album. Classic melodic metal with ethnic splashes of color in a completely new way.

Recommended to everyone who is looking for intelligent melodic metal off the beaten track, which shines with a strong voice and individual songwriting.

Peter Albers / Break Out Magazine Germany

Complemented by Guido's guitar playing, it sets new standards in this genre. It would be unworthy to highlight a song; this album should be seen as a “total work of art”. [...] An album you will be captivated by (or would like to be captivated by Saeko). Potentially addictive.

Kyosuke Tsuchiya / BURRN! JAPAN

Saeko is finally back to where she’s supposed to be. “Sins for the Gods” from her first album (2004) has been the inspiration of my life. Excited to see how her new chapter will open with this challenging, monstrous new album.

Matthias Mineur / Freelancer Metal Hammer Germany, Gitarre & Bass, Classic Rock, etc.

Having great musicians by her side (Guido Benedetti, Michael Ehré, Alessandro Sala, Derek Sherinian, V. Santura), Saeko once again succeeds: strong songs, good production, great vibes.

Roman Ibarra / METAL

Top-notch musicianship and strong compositions make this one a must-have for any Power Metal fans out there. This is one of the most enjoyable albums I have listened to all year ... 9/10

Bryce Van Patten / METAL EXPRESS

Many musical influences and cultural elements, making for a rollercoaster ride of Heavy Metal joy. Just when you think that you have their sound figured out, they surprise you again on the next track. A very strong release that like all good records grows on you with every listen. Saeko’s vocal abilities are amazing, reminding this reviewer of the incredible Diva Evgenia Laguna ... 8.2/10

Keep on rockin'.com

Although Saeko Kitamae is the real star of the album, her three colleagues are also completely convincing. Wonderful guitar solos, powerful drumming and deep bass lines. In my opinion, the comeback has been more than successful. Welcome back SAEKO!... 8.4/10

Juan Destroyer / La Heavy, Mariskal Rock Spain

A fantastic journey around the world with headquarters in the land of Symphonic Metal. Evocative and full of strength at the same time.

Andrea Lami / Metal Hammer Italy

Her stubbornness comes out in the form of grit throughout the entire length of the album while her technical qualities come out in songs such as ‘Rebellion Mission' in which Saeko delights us with a vocalise quote-homage even to Mozart's 'The Magic Flute, Queen of the Night'.

Matteo Boffadossi / Loud And

A virtual and inner journey with the lyrics dedicated to people Saeko met on her travels: fragile people, fighters, workers who sacrificed their lives for work, people who made their dreams come true by risking. [...] The album offers us a Saeko in splendid form and motivated, demonstrating how much the artist has been missing in these almost three decades. ... 9/10


I could go on writing about forever, about all the richness of detail and the strong compositions, the execution on the part of everyone involved and the unconventionality with simultaneous catchiness. But it would degenerate, so let yourself be surprised, but give this thing a chance. Power Metal the way you want it, but the way you don't expect it. ...9.5/10

Keith Clement / METAL HEADS

A beautifully written Masterpiece. A Journey of music, from the start to end, its a magical thing, An album that should not be missed, to be in everyone’s music list. It has the essence that can soothe anyone’s taste ... 9.7/10

A real tour de force, this third album from SAEKO is the little miracle that we no longer expected from a group which in its early years was wickedly ahead of its time. A major 2021 album, and the most beautiful postcards you can receive ... 8.8/10


... varied and never monotonous, while maintaining a basic heavy style; in this way the album is decidedly convincing and compelling. ... 8/10

Jens Schäfer /

Even though the competition of the bands with femal singers has grown, SAEKO should have no problem in proving themselves impressively. Above all by the concept of "Holy Are We Alone" and the successful musical implementation, which does not play it safe, but makes the disc a varied piece of convincing music ... 8.5/10